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High Art & Holy Daze.

What do you get when you mix a legally blind visual artist, layers of religious symbolism and lots of, *ahem* "Jamaican recreational activities?" Pure #dope, that's what ( pun intended).

digital and multi-medium artist, Hyur X

Meet digital and multi-medium artist, Hyur X.

December 21st marks the first day of Winter, & the beginning of the #WinterSolstice "holy-days," which start today and end on December 25th with the "coming of the Sun" as it was celebrated in Ancient times (...yes, the precursor of what we know today as Christmas & the Holiday Season).

Originally this time had nothing to do with outward materialism & everything to do with inward reflection, re-connection & self-correction. A period to celebrate the past & coming year and honestly evaluate one's self to make any needed changes for the year to come (& again, yes it sounds familiar because it's where the concept of the "New Year Resolution" originates... but again, I digress).

Also referenced in its millennia of history is the idea of this time being dedicated to the awakening and expansion of what is known by some as our, "Christ Consciousness." In other words, this time of year is not just about the birth of a physical Christ on Earth, but also the birth of that which is Christ-like in ourselves (please don't send me to hell in your mind- I'm just quoting historic references here people).

So what does all this astro-theological mumbo jumbo have to do with the art of a 20 year old Houston visual art prodigy? A lot, if you can see beyond the surface. In my other life as a connoisseur of artistic dopeness, I began to notice a common theme running through the artwork of visual artist, Niara Dorsey, who goes by the artistic alter ego, "Hyur X."

digital portrait of TDE Artist, SZA

digital portrait of TDE Artist, SZA.

The name Hyur represents the realms of existence this artist operates on when creating, as she clearly has a flair for the other worldly & extra-sensory.

"I draw people the way I see them," she explains, which is a compliment if you've ever had the honor of being drawn or portraited by X; who makes thematic use of glowing colors, psychedelic color combinations, as well as "Madonna & Christ-like" halos for the more average saints among us- spreading a little #ChristConsciousness with every digital stroke.

Digitally edited portrait of Suraiye photographed & edited by, Hyur X.

digitally edited portrait of Suraiye.

And although we have no proof [*disclaimer*] that psychedelics were involved in the creation of this dopeness... let's just say the Holy Virgin ain't the only proverbial #Mary who's inspirational energy contributes to Hyur's creative process. However, man cannot create by herb alone, so please do not for one second doubt the visual prowess of this multi-medium genius (who just so happens to actually be of Jamaican descent). And with the little known fact that she is also legally blind in one eye, Hyur X's artistic talent becomes all the more amazing to behold.

Follow HYUR X on Instagram @hyurxx_

So as you reflect on your own inner "Christ Consciousness" this Holy-day season, just remember it's the vision of great artists like Hyur X who for centuries have played the divine role of bringing to light the things the rest of us cannot to see... from the "Hyur" realms of the spiritual into the physical. #GetINspired.

Art is Life.



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